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People I look up to

Hmm, I suppose anyone taller than me... image

Also, people who spay and neuter their pets!






My girls:




Movies I like

I barely know where to begin. There are so many I love, and so few I have in my collection. But here are some faves off the top of my head:

THE DARK KNIGHT - Heath Ledger's Joker is beyond incredible!
The Bird Cage (all time favorite in our household)
The Devil's Advocate (my personal fave, well up there in the top 5 anyway)
The Prophecy (I and II. III not owned, not as good as the first two)
The Saw series
The Princess Bride
My Cousin Vinny
Spiderman series

haha I better stop or I'll end up writing down my entire inventory. Many more to go in my quest to upgrade my VHS to DVD.

Music I listen to

I've decided to do a "tour" of my musical tastes. Below are some of my favorite artists with links to a video for you to enjoy/run away from/discover/make fun of me for liking - whatever floats yer boat!

VNV Nation - Saw them this year after waiting six years - it was magical. Ronan is amazing, so interactive and down to earth. I love him, the band and their music immensely. This video is a good sampling of what their concert is like. Ronan's energy is amazing and he really talks to the audience a lot, getting participation - very interactive.

- was harder to find a good vid for this band. Most of my favorites by them were nowhere to be found, or some really crappy bootleg from a hand held at a concert. This, at least, is a professionally made video and I do like the song. Too bad they don't really tour the US anymore, missed them last time they were here, had to work GRRRR.

Combichrist - Finally saw Andy and co. this January and got to meet him! Got all their autographs and am waiting to get some pics the drummer Joey took of me and Andy. Hopefully he will still have them after the tour. We shall see...

Razed in Black - Great little underground Industrial group from the beautiful Aloha state. Romell is so cute :D

Eisbrecher - OK again I had to go with a "commercial" video as the songs I really like are all crappy concert clips that look and sound horrid. At least in this one you get to drool over the yummy Alexx image

Das Ich - It was hard to find a good video for them that really showcased Stefan at his finest coupled with a song of theirs I really like. Gods the sound/video quality of some of the crap over there is really frustrating. Anyway, here's my other Industrial sweetie, Stefan Ackermann (on left, other guy is Bruno). My daughter saw a pic of him that I had on my computer and said he was satan. I laughed for days. Sometimes I think my children are older than me image

Number one all time favorite rock band on the planet: LED ZEPPELIN!

For more eclectic tastes, let's see...

Trans Siberian Orchestra
Mannheim Steamroller (feelin a touch christmasy, despite my humbug self)

Vitas (my "son" - if I had one)


Flight of the Conchords (absolutely hysterical stuff)
MC Frontalot (for the NERDS!!!!)
Richard Cheese There are no words to describe the incredible talent of this man *giggles hysterically*

Rhaevyns Rantings

I don't like to have my picture taken, much less put it up on the internet *shudder*, but I am making an exception. This is from my birthday last month. Kayla (daughter) took it with her phone and yes, I was beyond trashed at this point. But having someone I am rather crazy about in it makes me braver. Meet my friend Mark Keltner, former guitarist for a band called N17.


I have GOT to get a scanner for some of my old pics that I wouldn't mind putting up. Would be fun to contrast to some of his older pics. *snicker* like this one...


He's so adorable image

Squeee!! Joey, drummer for Combichrist, finally posted one of the pics he took of me and Andy after the concert in January. *face hurts from grinning*


Yea yea, now the world knows my name. Jig's up I suppose... ;)

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    I just saw the new "places to visit". Awwwwwwwwww..... image


    Reply from LadyRhaevyn:

    Thanks :) I really need to remember to come in here once in a while. Slapped my pics in and didn't even realize I had comments image
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    I saw you pop on Y!M while I was in the middle of setting up the laptop and comp with the new router, so missed saying hi, you were so quick. Just posting a new Raith's (finally!).... wheeeeeeeee....

    Yeah,I like this avi, I've used him before. :D
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    It does look nice, the avi, Rhae. Clarion is being Clarion ;-) . I hope you feel better, too!
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    Reply from LadyRhaevyn:

    Holy crap! I didn't see this comment till just now haha. Wow, I really should check here more often. That avi you got there, OMG awesome! Most of the people with ravens I find are women, but you found a guy! And LONG HAIRED guy! /drool

    I've been farting around in here adding stuff. I worked all day on my MySpace page too. I do that every 3-4 months, go redecorate it like an art project - then forget about it again image. Bleh I'll blab at you in PM or on site, or... I dunno, somethin ;)
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    Thanks Rhae!

    I've been informed I have access. I'm just waiting for the rubber gloves to come in, bought them in bulk, saved a bunch! Then I'll wander over there. ;)

    And my first post is at the slaughterhouse as I type, so, soon. Very, very soon.


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    Hey Rhae! Hope life is continuing to treat you well. :D

    Wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten the package, I haven't managed to find 5 minutes to get to a post office yet. Will, this week I hope. There's apparently a PO at the Uni. Who knew? Also, few more chs of Reno's up--I miss your pithy comments.

    Part of me hopes we don't see you too often cos you're offline and busy when you're happy, and the other part is saying "come baaaack! We miss you!!"
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    To embed, you need to use the box titled "media", then just cut and paste the html. It's the only one that will allow vid and music embeds :)

    You promised a comment on Reno's :P

    Yes, I am Needy Writer this week. ;)
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    I was passing by and I thought that
    I would stop n and say
    I also left you a
    Kudos. image


    Reply from LadyRhaevyn:

    Thanks for the kudos, but may I ask who you are?

Places to visit before you turn 100

Brissy to visit my sister Beth.

Ireland to see my heritage. Well, part of it at any rate.

Move to Portland, Oregon - an exodus from the HELL in Arizona.

Gotta see Germany - home to a lot of music I really like.